Product Specifications

Please View our Product Detail documents for the exact sizes and measurements of our products.
Accessories Format Size Download
Corner Seat PDF 295KB Download
Corner Soap PDF 293KB Download
Corner Soap & Shampoo PDF 500KB Download
Double Wide Combo PDF 557KB Download
Recessed Niche Double Wide PDF 602KB Download
Recessed Niche Single PDF 576KB Download
Recessed Shampoo Holder PDF 418KB Download
Recessed Soap Holder PDF 353KB Download
Recessed Soap Shampoo PDF 828KB Download
Recessed Triple Soap PDF 1528KB Download
Tissue Dispenser PDF 296KB Download
Towel Bar Ends PDF 295KB Download
Window Sill PDF 541KB Download
Shower Bases Format Size Download
32×60 Center Drain PDF 1.9MB Download
36×60 Rectangle PDF 2.2MB Download
32×60 Tub Replacer PDF 2.1MB Download
36×36 Neo Angle PDF 429KB Download
36×36 Rondo PDF 322KB Download
36×36 Square PDF 1.2MB Download
36×36 Square Corner PDF 1.3MB Download
36×42 Rectangle PDF 1.6MB Download
36×48 Rectangle PDF 1.8MB Download
38×38 Neo Angle PDF 623KB Download
42×42 Neo Angle PDF 2.1MB Download
54×54 Neo Angle PDF 1MB Download
Integral Bowls Format Size Download
Deep Shell PDF 557KB Download
Large Oval PDF 209KB Download
Large Recessed Diamond PDF 405KB Download
Large Recessed Oval PDF 186KB Download
Large Recessed Shell PDF 529KB Download
Large Recessed Square PDF 329KB Download
Large Shell PDF 496KB Download
Large Square PDF 297KB Download
Petite Shell PDF 433KB Download
Small Oval PDF 152KB Download
Small Recessed Diamond PDF 367KB Download
Small Recessed Oval PDF 127KB Download
Small Recessed Shell PDF 467KB Download
Small Recessed Square PDF 242KB Download
Small Square PDF 269KB Download
Small Wave PDF 584KB Download
Bath Tubs Format Size Download
Callisto PDF 771KB Download
Corner Neo PDF 721KB Download
Tub Replacer PDF 720KB Download
Venecian PDF 720KB Download